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optimize your resume

Hiring managers view your resume, on average for 30 seconds. Are you sure you got all of your accomplishments, skills and experience in the right place to get noticed?

KROW builds you the resume that represents you in in the most attention getting way.

Hire an Agent


Online job searching is murky. Does my resume have the right details? Is it missing anything?

Use KROW to hire an agent to give your resume a critique based on what you're trying to accomplish in your career.

KROW agents are industry experts that give you actionable feedback on how to specifically calibrate your resume for your job search.

Like a boss


Once your resume is in great shape, you'll be on a roll. But what's the next step?

Let a KROW agent create a job searches for you. Our agents remove the confusing guesswork by offering insider insight on how to make the next career move that gets you on the trajectory for success.

About Krow

We believe that every person searching for a job deserves a great candidate experience. That starts with a resume you can be proud of and ends with getting your ideal job. People will have many jobs throughout their career, and the job search process should be a fun & exciting time. We are building products to make your candidate experience exceptional.

We're currently in private beta. Give us your email and we'll update you as soon as we go public.